Sunday, July 11, 2010

Case Of The Bloody Iris

Giuliano Carnimeo's "Case Of The Bloody Iris" is one of my favorite giallo films. The film combines genre regulars George Hilton and Edwige Fenech, a mysterious killer, a lush score by composer Bruno Nicolai and many surreal moments. The plot has the usual violence, sexual and drug debauchery that Italian cinema loves to exploit. A black gloved assassin is carrying out his murders by repeatedly stabbing a lady in an elevator, drowning another in a bath tub, and even steaming one's face to mush. Each murder is commited as an act of vengence on an immoral society, which was a typical genre theme. The story concerns two models; Jennifer (Edwige Fenech) and Marilyn (Paola Quattrini) who meet building architect Andrea (George Hilton). The two models move into an apartment complex that Andrea designed yet the apartment has a sinister history. Days before they moved in, an exotic dancer was murdered for having discovered the body of a dead prostitute in an elevator. Andrea is the police's biggest suspect, yet despite these suspicions Jennifer begins an affair with him. Due to her affair, Jennifer is harassed by her ex-boyfriend, who she use to engage in drug induced orgies with. To give anymore away, would cheat the viewer from discovering and trying to piece together this most convoluted puzzle of a film. Trying to figure out who the murderer is in a giallo, is one of the genres many pleasures. Filled with enough nudity that can be done in an R rated film, "Case OF The Bloofy Iris" contains one of the genre's biggest and most beautiful assets...Edwige Fenech. It's a shame that more people in America have no idea who she is! Oh, and George Hilton (like always) is the dependable shady rogue.

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